Strong to School – December 11th 2022

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Strong to School - Free live training for children 6 - 11 yrs at THE SOCIAL HUB in Berlin on December 11th, 2022

✨ Do you find it hard to motivate your child to go to school?

✨ Do you want your child to have more fun in school and while doing homework?

✨ Do you wish your child was more resilient to failure?

✅ Then this free training is for you and your child!

In 45 minutes of live training, your child will learn how to cope with negative emotions and doubts at school in order to be motivated, curious, and engaged in school (and outside the classroom).

The trainer Margarete and 1-2 assistants will teach up to 40 English-speaking children about the principles of Growth Mindset according to Carol Dweck, which will ignite their motivation and mindpower! 🧠

Children will train in mixed age groups in order to foster empathy and improve their social skills.

So you can register your child (or children) aged 6 – 11 years for either one of the two courses at 1 and 3.30 pm.

(Read more about Growth Mindset in the Harvard Business Review)

What others said:

A child that participated in a course said, „I am strong and ready for school now“. Another one looked forward to „going to the ‚gym‘ for my brain again“.

Parents noticed more relaxation and less frustration in their children when they had to learn a new task.

For more reviews about that kind of training, visit the Stark ins Neue website (in German): Event-Reviews.


  • First Group: Training at 1 PM on December 11th, 2022
  • Second Group: Training at 3.30 PM on December 11th, 2022


  • The Social Hub, Berlin Alexanderplatz (registration below is necessary to receive all information)

    Preparation for your child:

    • come in cozy clothes
    • bring a bottle of water (no glass please)
    • be in a good mood

    While the children train, parents are welcome to wait in the hotel lobby or cafeteria, to enjoy a warm or cold drink or meal or just relax. Please do not consume your own food on the premise.

    Further information for parents:

    Do you want to learn more about Growth Mindset and how your child can benefit from it? 

    Sign up for an Online Course for Adults on December 9th 2022 at 8 pm below.

    About the trainer:

    Margarete Wolf is a resilience and anti-bullying trainer and the founder of Stark ins Neue. Stark ins Neue is the biggest community of children resilience trainers in Germany. Since 2020 we have strengthened over 20.000 children and parents internationally.

    💕 Her mission is to empower children to live a purposeful and self-determined life so they can have a happy childhood and adult life.

    Margarete is looking forward to seeing your child on December 11th at The Social Hub Berlin Mitte.


    Sign (your child and yourself) up for the training here:

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